Beau Idéal Beauty Productions
Kathleen Hagan, owner of Beau Idéal Beauty Productions, is a fine artist who began painting and drawing portraits at a very young  age. By the time she was 14 years old she was taking classes with professional portrait artists. With her love of people she naturally progressed to make-up and hair. Kathleen has spent  years working on film, TV and photo shoots and knows the etiquette of the set. She works efficiently and quickly with the cameraman and production to create the perfect final collaboration.
Kathleen also prides herself in helping even the most nervous actors or models feel at ease and confident.
Her skills include: 
Natural "no make-up"
Beauty make-up
Period make-up and hair
Character make-up and hair
Fashion make-up and hair
Fantasy make-up and hair
Cuts and bruising and burns
Body make-up
Wigs and Extensions