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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Long Beach State University 1984
1984 to Present: Professional Make-up Artist and 
Hair Stylist for Film, TV, Photography
1996 to Present: Owner, Beau Idéal Beauty Productions

Make-up  *  Kathleen Hagan  *   Hair

Key Make-up and Hair:

Film and TV and Video

BraveHeart Woman, videos, TV, 5/12- on going

Weekly Dennis Miller Guest spot on Bill O’reilly, 2/12- on going

“Your Father’s Daughter” Giant Leap Industries 7/12

Johnson Family Denist commercial, 4/12

Dav Weatherproof Attire, Stylewest 3/12

Bob Greene Fitness website 12/11

The Foundation Fitness video, 10/11

Patricia Frieberg Fitness Video 6/11

Young America’s Foundation Interview, 9/11

Maria Del Rey Childgood Tour  1/11

Pregnancy Fitness Video Patricia Friberg  9/10

Trailer:Yogi Bear     Warner Bros   5/10

Dennis Miller    Onstar   4/10

Kim Eng: Presence Through Movement   Soundstrue Prod.s  5/09

California One Care Campaign PSA   Healthcare for All  3/09

Fuel TV, Santa Barbara Film Festival    Team People    1/08

Toyota Pro Cycling  Webphotos    Toyota    1/08

“Gorgeous Girls, Gay Guys”    Luminary Ventures    3/07

Le Beach Club Photo Shoot    In Focus Advertizing    3/07

“Range Rover” National Commercial   Santa Barbara Locations  7/06

“Slime” National Commercial    Computer Cafe    3/01

Childrens Hospital Commercial    Warner Co.    9/97

British Academy Awards    E T.V.    3/96

Kodak Commercial    Brainstorm    3/96

Fed. Ex. Commercial    Brainstorm    3/96

American Airlines Commercial    Brainstorm    11/95

Princess Cruise Commercial    Brainstorm    4/95

Tonight Show “$7.00 Car”    NBC    2/95

“Father and Scout”    ABC    5/94

Mary Hart Special    4 Point Ent    2/90

“Pyrates”    Pyro Prods    12/90

“Faith”    TPI-USA    11/89

“Sundown”    Vestron Prods    10/88

“The Big One”    Movers/Shakers    8/88

“Night Wish”    Night Wish Prods    6/88

“Dance to Win”    TPI-USA    2/88

“Monsters”    Divided Selves     1/88

“7 Hours to Judgment”    Transworld     8/87

“Findings”    Ambient Light     5/87

“Tour of Duty”    CBS    3/87

“Cold Steel”    Cinetel Prods    1/87

“Under the Gun”    Marquis Prod    8/86

“Futurekill”    Magic Shadow    3/84

Assistant Make-up and Hair:

Film and TV

Keurig Beverage Maker Commercial 12/11

“Spy Hard”,Credits    Imaginary Ent    3/96

“Terror in the Shadows”    King Phoenix    1/96

“Destiny Turns on the Radio”    Rysher Ent    11/94

“Honor Thy Mother & Father”    Saban Ent    2/94

“Tombstone”    Cinergy Prods    8/93

“Marilyn and Bobby”    OTML/Weitz    4/93

35th Grammy Awards    Pierre Cossette    8/93

“My So Called Life”    Zwick Prod    2/93

“The Temp”    Paramount    6/92

“The Wonder Years”    ABC  Seasons 1990 thru 1993

“Inner Sanctum”    Hearst Ent    12/91

“Deadly Medicine”    NBC    7/91

“Hand That Rocks the Cradle”    Interscope Prod    7/91

“Runaway Father”    Hearst Ent    3/91

Big Break    Multimedia Ent    10/90

Circus of the Stars    NBC    9/90

Black Achievement Awards    Multimedia Ent    9/90

“I’m Dangerous Tonight”    USA Cable    5/89

“In the Mood”    Kings Road Prod     10/86

“Once Bitten”    Nightlife Prod    5/85

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”    New World     0/84

Make-up and Hair:

Music Videos

Star Wars    Weird Al Yankovich    6/99

Gump    Weird Al Yankovich    3/96

Amish Paradise    Weird Al Yankovich   2/96

Make-up and Hair:

Day Playing

“Thelma and Louise”    MGM    5/90

“People Like Us”    NBC    1/90

“Great Balls of Fire”    Orion    5/89

“Internal Affairs”    Paramount   3/89

“La Bamba”    Valenzuela Prod    8/86

Make-up and Hair:


Malibu Jane Shoes, Stylewest, 2/13

Malibu Westlake Magazine cover shoot. 2/12

Malibu Westlake Magazine cover shoot. 12/11

Jules Smith Jewelry, Stylewest, 10/11

Butterfly Twists Shoes, Stylewest 6/11

Dav Rain boots/ Cia Maritima Swimwear, Stylewest10/10

Dav Rain Catalogue,  Stylewest 4/10

Wrangler Jeans,Two by Four Productions 2/10

QVC  Spring Summer Catalogue 2/10

Sams Club Spring/Summer Catalogue,Ivie Productions   3/09

Model Tests, Various Photographers    87-11

Susy McNeal C.D. Cover, Kimberlee Miller Photography 3/07

Stock Photography    Fisher Prod    95-98

Wedding Portraits    Various Photographers    96-11

Misc. Advertising    Schaf Photography    97-09

Misc. Advertising    Palimore Studios    99-09

Kinkos    Schaf Photography    97-01

LA Weekly    Wedding Dresses    1/87


Dennis Miller, Kurt Russel, Quentin Tarantino,

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone,

Kevin Bacon, Beau Bridges,

Julianne Moore, Helen Hunt, Lily Tomlin

Eilott Gould, Eckhart Tolle, Dylan McDermott,   

Vanessa Williams, Paula Poundstone,

Ed Begley Jr., Chevy Chase,   

Claire Danes, Kim Eng, Mary Kay Place